Club Entrance
We're inside the world-famous Millennium Hotel. Just follow the sound of the slot machines until you see our purple neon sign!
The Little Black Dress is the perfect place to unwind with a couple of drinks and let the Cocktail Girls melt your stress away!
Las Vegas Daily News
Scintillating ambience! And let's not forget those oh-so-sexy little black dresses...
Out on the Town in Vegas
I have never seen so many insanely hot men in one room. This is an absolute must-see sight in Vegas!
Women's Travel
The Swoon City Cocktail

  • 1 upscale nightclub located in a ritzy Las Vegas casino
  • 14 gorgeous women ranging from shy to feisty
  • 14 swoon-worthy alpha guys ready to let loose
  • 1 jerk of a bar manager
  • a generous dash of Las Vegas glitz
Stir together and serve with a cherry, preferably in bed
Drink Menu

Old Fashioned 

Redheaded Slut Whiskey Sour 


Old FashionedLong Island Iced Tea

Perfect Martini

ManhattanGin and Juice


Irish CoffeeBlushing Bride

Sloe Screw

Vegas Bomb
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3130 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
The Little Black Dress is located on the first floor the Millennium Hotel, right in the middle of the famous Las Vegas Strip.